Relaxed Productivity.

Show up. Check your messages. Do your work. Repeat.

The basic mechanics of work boil down to these four steps. But reality is rarely that uncomplicated. Putting a little more thought into any of these areas can make a huge difference in your control over your work life.

Is your calendar a source of joy or stress? Is your communication effortlessly effective, both with individuals and groups? Are you doing what you need and want to be doing? Are you able to keep up the pace and still step away completely when you want or need to?

Getting these basic mechanics right, at work and in life, is not taught in schools.  They’re a strange brew of technology, psychology and culture. But you can learn the basics in a short time – if you have objective feedback, in your workspace, in real time, with a skilled coach. And you can take your team to the next level too.

Contact me today to start on the path to relaxed productivity.

David Shiffman